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Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

Solid Film Face Ply is made with selected hardwood veneers where BWP grade of Phenol Formaldehyde resin conforming to IS 848:1974 is used for bonding. The end product is durable, superior film faced shuttering Ply. The strength of the ply is in line with expected amount of load and the vibration caused while working with concrete.

Different types of shuttering ply are available depending on density viz. 30kg, 34kg etc. A 30 Kg Solid shuttering ply easily gives 24 to 30 repetitions. Greater the density, more would be the re-use value..

Precautionary measures to be taken for optimum utilization of the product:

  • Always Unload carefully.
  • Do not drag / drop from height.
  • Always Stack on a flat surface.
  • Clean both surfaces after use.
  • Apply mould oil after 3-4 uses.
  • Use sealant on cut edges.
  • Use minimum nails.
Technical Specifications IS 4990
Test ISI Requirement Results
Moisture content 5% - 15% 7.7%
Glue shear strength in dry condition a. Individual Min. 1100 Newton,
b. Average 1350 Newton.
a. 1380 Newton
b. 1680 Newton
Glue shear strength  a. Individual Min. 800 Newton,
b. Average 1000 Newton.
a. 1180 Newton
b. 1340 Newton
Glue Shear Strength in mycological test a. Individual Min. 800 Newton,
b. Average 1000 Newton.
a. 1210 Newton
b. 1360 Newton
Tensile Strength:
a. Parallel to grain direction
b. Right angle to grain direction
c. Sum of both directions
a. Min. 325 Kgf./cm2
b. Min. 225 Kgf./cm2
c. Min. 600 Kgf./cm2 
a. 630 Kgf./cm2
b. 395 Kgf./cm2
c. 990 Kgf./cm2 

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