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Solid Ply Marine Grade is made of well selected pieces of core and face veneer which are bonded with Phenol Formaldehyde BWP Grade resin under high temperature and pressure. Furthur, the finished plywood is subjected to proper chemical treatment with water soluble fixed type preservatives under vacuum pressure to ensure protection against wood destroying organisms and to make the product insect, borer, termite and fungi free. This specific stress relieving treatment is also given to check anti- warp properties of plywood. The same makes it dimensionally stable in both excessive wet and dry condition throughout its life.

Technical Specifications IS 710
Test ISI Requirement Results
Moisture content 5% - 15% 12%
Glue shear strength in dry condition a. Individual Min. 1100 Newton,
b. Average 1350 Newton.
a. 1550 Newton
b. 1700 Newton
Glue shear strength  a. Individual Min. 800 Newton,
b. Average 1000 Newton.
a. 1300 Newton
b. 1225 Newton
Glue Shear Strength in mycological test a. Individual Min. 800 Newton,
b. Average 1000 Newton.
a. 960 Newton
b. 1200 Newton
Tensile Strength:
a. Parallel to grain direction
b. Right angle to grain direction
c. Sum of both directions
a. Min. 420 Kgf./cm2
b. Min. 250 Kgf./cm2
c. Min. 845 Kgf./cm2 
a. 540 Kgf./cm2
b. 370 Kgf./cm2
c. 910 Kgf./cm2 

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