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Solid Flush Doors are manufactured with imported pinewood and well maintained in-house resin. Our high tech manufacturing facilities coupled with stringent quality control measures at each stage of the manufacturing process ensure doors which are sturdy, elegant and dimensionally stable.

Bonded with Boiling Water Proof grade, Synthetic Phenol Formaldehyde Resin {batch tested in our own hi-tech laboratories}, the doors are hot pressed under proper temperature and pressure to be de- lamination free. Thus Solid Flush Doors never bend or warp under normal conditions.

Sr No Description Specification
1 Dimension and Squareness a. Width - {+/-} 1mm
b. Height - {+/-} 1mm
2 Moisture content 08% - 10%
3 Flatness Twist, Cupping and Warping within 1mm
4 Local Planeness Depth of deviation at any point within 0.5mm
5 Flexure Resistance Residual deflection within 0.1% of max deflection
6 Edge Loading Max deflection - 5mm
Residual deflection - 0.5mm
Max lateral buckling - 2mm
Residual buckling -  0 mm
7 Shock Resistance a. Light body impact - No visible damage after 25 blows at 4/5 shocks/min with 5 Kg sand bag.
b. Heavy body impact - No significant permanent deformation after 5 impacts with 30 Kg sand bag.
8 Buckling of Shutter a. Initial Deflection - not more than 50mm.
b. Residual deflection - not more than 5 mm.
9 Slamming of Shutter No visible damage at the end of 50 and 100 impacts
10 Misuse of door shutter No permanent deformation
11 Varying humidity and atmospheric conditions No visible warping, twisting and delamination
max departure from general planeness - 1%
Dimensional Recovery - 90% 
12 End immersion No delamination
13 Resistance to knife Impossible to find the glue line, indicating excellent adhesion
14 Glue Adhesion No de-lamination of glue line indicating excellent adhesion
15 Screw Withdrawal Strength{kg} > 200
16 Screw holding strength{kg} >100

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